Mexico: Campaign promises and institutional legal reality

In the next few days, several public offices of popular election will be renewed in what constitutes an unprecedented democratic exercise in the history of Mexico. The candidates of all political parties have made countless proposals to convince the electorate to vote in favor of them and their respective projects. Regardless of ideological and/or political […]


The context of the global pandemic has a negative impact on many areas of human life and, in some others, forces us to adapt more quickly to processes that began to develop just a few years ago. The performance of procedures and services at a distance, the boom of e-commerce, the boom of companies known […]

Family Litigation

Family Litigation With regard to family disputes, Ramírez Ornelas Abogados has vast experience defending the interests of its clients in matters related to the dissolution of marriage, alimony, custody, parental authority, adoption, interdiction and guardianship issues, as well as in highly complex inheritance matters, with the necessary experience and infrastructure to handle matters involving a […]

Corporate Conflicts

Corporate Conflicts Ramirez Ornelas Abogados has achieved over the years a successful and outstanding performance in corporate disputes between shareholders, having handled some of the most important shareholder conflicts that have arisen in over 20 years of the firm’s existence, successfully representing shareholders and companies from a wide range of industries. In our firm we […]

Litigio Familiar

Litigio Familiar Por lo que hace a las controversias de orden familiar, Ramírez Ornelas Abogados cuenta con vasta experiencia defendiendo los intereses de sus clientes en cuestiones relacionadas con la disolución del vínculo matrimonial, cuestiones de alimentos, guarda y custodia, patria potestad, adopción, interdicción y cuestiones tutelares, así como en temas sucesorios de gran complejidad, […]

Conflictos Societarios

Conflictos Societarios Ramírez Ornelas Abogados ha mantenido a lo largo de los años un exitoso y sobresaliente desempeño en disputas societarias entre accionistas, pues ha representado exitosamente a accionistas y empresas de una amplia gama de industrias, en algunos de los más importantes conflictos de accionistas que se han presentado en los más de 20 […]

México: Promesas de campaña y realidad jurídica institucional

En los próximos días se renovarán varios cargos públicos de elección popular en lo que constituye un ejercicio democrático sin precedentes en la historia de México. Los candidatos de todos los partidos políticos han realizado un sinfín de propuestas para convencer a un electorado que vote a favor de ellos y de su respectivo proyecto. […]

Commercial LItigation.

CIVIL AND COMMERCIAL LITIGATION Ramírez Ornelas Abogados is widely recognized in its civil and commercial litigation practice, based on its high percentage of success in resolving disputes in favor of its clients. This is the main reason why clients hire its services when they are involved in civil and commercial litigation of high technical and […]

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Bankruptcy & Restructuring Since its foundation,  Ramírez Ornelas Abogados has built a reputation as one of the most prestigious firms in the insolvency practice, participating, since the early 1980s and to date, in the most complex and emblematic insolvency proceedings in our country, thus contributing to the development of the practice and jurisprudence in this area. Ramírez […]


Arbitration Throughout its history, Ramírez Ornelas Abogados has excelled in the defense of its clients’ interests in arbitration disputes, administered by both local and international institutions, always taking advantage of the particularities of arbitration for the benefit of its clients. The firm has actively participated in the representation of its clients in several complex arbitration proceedings, mainly […]